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Chartered August, 1961


District 38-L, Region A, Zone 1

Regular Meetings: Wednesdays, Noon at Newberry's

Alliance, Nebraska

Features: Photo Album, Guests and Programs

John Zochol and Kevin Wilkinson serving sarsaspirilla

Home of the 2017 Solar Eclipse! Monday, August 21, 2017, 10:30 AM Mountain Time to 1:16 PM.





The cardboard boat race for 2015 is now history. The big winner this year was Leon the Lion. Leon traversed the course in about 3 minutes in a boat called the Yellojacket. He proved himself as both a boat builder and a sailor! The pictures tell the story. View them below.

The real lottery winners!

1. Scholarship recipients; 2. YMCA; 3. St. Agnes; 4. Honor Guard; 5. Rifle Club

Scholarship RecipientsYMCASt. AgnesHonor GuardRifle Club


Hemingford Peace Poster winners, 2014

Hemingford Peace Poster Contest Winners 2014Hemingford Peace Poster Contest Winners 2014b


The Lonesome Duck gets a makeover!